RESYNTEX Regional Workshop on Waste Mapping in Maribor

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On Wednesday 30 November 2016, RESYNTEX took further strides towards making a circular economy concept for textiles and chemicals a viable European reality. The project partners from Prospex Institute, Institute for Environment Protection and Sensors (IOS), University of Maribor and Manchester Metropolitan University hosted an event which brought together key stakeholders throughout the local and regional textile collection, waste, recycling and environment fields. The Focus Group workshop took place at the headquarters of the Institute for Environment Protection and Sensors in Maribor.

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New Paper on Hyperspectral Imaging for Textile Recycling

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In a recent paper, Imec evaluated how hyperspectral imaging can be used for textile sorting and recycling in industry. The paper was presented at the HSI 2016 Conference in Coventry during October and was authored by Carolina Blanch-Perez-del-Notario and Andy Lambrechts.

The feasibility study was performed over a variety of pure textile materials (cotton, viscose, polyester, wool, silk and polyamides) and blends (cotton and polyester, viscose and polyester). The results are promising and seem to indicate that material discrimination can be performed by means of hyperspectral imaging in the VIS-NIR range.

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Project Partners Meet for First General Assembly

The whole RESYNTEX consortium joined for a meeting of its General Assembly and Executive Board across 22-24 June. Taking place in Vouliagmeni near Athens, Greece, the meeting was the first time all partners have met since last year’s kick-off meeting.


The three-day programme included workshops on a range of topics, such as life cycle analysis (LCA) of textiles, process development and exploitation of research data.

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First RESYNTEX Newsletter Now Online

Screen Shot 2016 05 20 at 17.41.25The newsletter is now available online. Officially launched by EASME in December, RESYNTEX’s first key meetings have taken place and research is now underway. The project is already generating a buzz! Here’s just a few of the things that project partners have been up to...

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Press Release: Circular Economy Change Makers Meet in Manchester

Textiles were the topic of the day at Manchester Metropolitan University on Thursday 12th May 2016. The EU Horizon 2020 RESYNTEX project brought together stakeholders from the local and regional textile industry to discuss how circular economy processes could revolutionise the region. With the city council currently spending around £5 million per year of taxpayers’ money disposing of unwanted textiles, addressing these issues has never been more relevant.

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Media Interest in RESYNTEX Grows Following Official Launch

Bioreactor - photo credit: BOKU

It has been only a few months since RESYNTEX was officially launched by EASME and already it is generating a buzz. Our project was announced alongside twelve other waste-related research initiatives at a kick-off meeting in December and publications from many sectors (circular economy, recycling, textiles and fashion) have covered RESYNTEX since. 

The coverage highlights how RESYNTEX will use industrial symbiosis to introduce circular economy models into the textile and chemical industries.

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eu funding

RESYNTEX received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 641942.